~Frequently Asked Questions~

What do you use to make your illustrations?

I use an iPad Pro with the Apple pencil. My preferred app/software is Procreate.

When will you restock the embroidered sweatshirts?

My ability to restock depends on my access to materials and time, so there is no set schedule as to when to expect a restock. You can follow announcements and restock updates through my Instagram stories!

How do you wash the embroidered/ beaded sweatshirts?

The best method to wash and dry any of my sweatshirts is by hand to keep anything from snagging or coming undone. However, it is possible to machine wash them on the most gentle setting with cold water and then air dry (using a machine dryer may undo the glue due to the high heat).

Do you take custom portraits/ commissions?

I currently am not accepting personal or private commissions. If you want to collaborate or need visuals made in a professional capacity, you can shoot me an email or submit a form through the Contact Page!

Why is shipping so expensive?

I understand that shipping can be most bothersome aspect of shopping online, so I am constantly looking for ways to consolidate costs. All current prices are reflective of USPS rates.

Can I return/exchange/cancel something I bought online from your store?

Although Society6 and Redbubble both are more flexible with this, anything bought here on emmenjaan.com is final sale.

Can I repost your work?

Of course! One of the main reasons I do what I do is to share it with others. I only ask that you credit me!

How did you make your website?

Iā€™m currently using Squarespace as my website platform!